Ayurvedic science has extensive methods to cure human specific disorders and conditions, covered by its eight major branches. Everest team of experts will introduce you to Ayurveda and take you deeper into ayurvedic medicines by its course. It offers you a chance to get hands-on the best.


An important change is going to take place in our medical future' say's the heir to the aristocratic Menachery Erinjery Family, Mr. Kuriappan K. Erinjery. Founded the group in 1971, with its first venture named "Everest Tiles" clicking to a great success.

It has, ever since its formation, diversified into many other fields and now is one of the enterprising groups in Kerala. The Everest Ayurveda Medicines began its operations way back in 1981 in the village of Chiyyaram, the outskirts of Thrissur, Kerala of Southern India.

The successful Everest Pharma, the first Ayurveda venture of the Group, played a major role in integrating the traditional & modern techniques of manufacture of Ayurveda Medicines.

The slogan of Everest Pharma was based on the methods followed by us - Specially For You Naturally. A second division of Everest Ayurveda Medicines was opened in 1995 named Everest Drugs ; Later, in 2007, it was amalgamated with Everest Pharma.

Another quite diversified venture of the Group was the Everest Jewellers, established in 1983. The ethical standards followed by the family was highlighted in the slogan - ' Pure Gold, Clear Trade'.

With numerous years of experience, Everest Jewellery is now one of the leading Jewellers in Kerala.The group is also engaged in several other fields of business such as agriculture....etc. The success of the group lies in maintaining the traditional Kerala Joint Family system with a commitment, to cater the ever-growing market by introducing super quality products & their services.

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Since 1981 we focus the name 'Everest Ayurveda Medicines' , "Specially For You Naturally", which has always been true to the point of time. An integration of traditional methods and modern technology was instrumental in achieving this goal.

Emphasis on quality by procuring the best ingredients and continuous upgradation of the plant by adapting the modern technology has kept the venture going in for more than two decades with good returns.

Everest Pharma was the first company to introduce a very new concept in Ayurveda - Kashaya Sookshma Choornams. It is the concept of preparing Kashyams in Sookshma Choornas (Microfined Powder Form).

It has revolutionised the ayurveda medicine manufacture because these choornams eliminated the need to prepare Kashayams fresh and preserving it for days. Doses of Kashaya Sookshma Choornams can be had after putting the required dose in boiling water.

Everest Ayurveda Medicines are one of the leading employers with the credit of committed work force. All employees & managerial staff is aware of the of importance in quality of work.


We have unique insights in Ayurveda that stands prominent in the South which are not currently being in practice. All the concepts, when properly applied, can make a huge difference in the results that one gets from Ayurveda. One area in which these insights really shine is the Kashaya sookshma choorams, as they relate to one's current state of mind.

Presently, many people are focusing on a person's constitution in order to determine the proper food and lifestyle that an individual should follow to become more balanced. However, we believe that it is the state of mind that should be emphasized to bring out the proper Ayurvedic protocol.

Think about it ! If you want to become really healthy on all levels, what is more important? In Ayurveda we have a potential to change your underlying constitution; there is a great deal we can offer in terms of managing your current state.


Everest group, being grown substantially over the years has many plans for the years to come.

Modern Style of Preparations
Everest is interested to start production of Syrups, Tablets, Capsules and Ointments. Which are mostly like by new generation and high export opportunities.

Everest Ayurveda Farm
It is one of the innovative ideas from the pioneers of ayurveda medicines. This farm intends to procure rare medicinal plant species and will perform as an Ayurveda Resort. The atmosphere of the Farm will be of unique in nature since it has several medicinal plants for purification of air.

Everest Ayurveda Hospital
In future, the Everest group has plans to establish a super speciality hospital exclusively for Ayurveda.

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